1. Q. Is Gnoblins a RTS (real-time strategy) game, an RPG, dungeon crawler or shooter?
    A. At its core Gnoblins is a 3D dungeon crawler with RPG elements with a twist. The twist in Gnoblins is that you are not alone, you will command and control a small community of Gnoblins which incorporates RTS elements. And no, it is not a shooter.
  2. Q. I will be running around with an army of these Gnoblins?
    A. The Gnoblins will live in your “home” dungeon. They will work for you for a price. The Gnoblins demand a level of comfort (after-all who wants to sleep on a hard dirt floor?). The comfort level of your dungeon is represented by the “reputation” level that your dungeon has.
  3. Q. If no Gnoblins are following me, then I am exploring the dungeons alone.
    A. Not completely. You are able to bring a single Gnoblin with you to act as a companion.
  4. Q. Will I adventure in one dungeon? How is the game structured?
    A. The entire game takes place in dungeons but there are several of them. Each dungeon will consist of multiple levels and each will have its own unique personality.
  5. Q. Why do I need Gnoblins?
    A. In Gnoblins, there is no town and no merchants. In order to develop technology, items, tools, potions, etc. you need to craft. That is where the Gnoblins come in, they will help you in crafting the equipment you need to succeed. You may find equipment in your adventures but the Gnoblins can help you improve it.
  6. Q. Can I only build caves in my home dungeon?
    A. No. As you progress through the game you will open up the ability to transform your dungeon from a natural or rudimentary type dungeon (like a cave) into a more sophisticated and engineered one (like you would expect to find in a castle for instance)
  7. Q. Is Gnoblin just another word for Goblin?
    A. No, Gnoblins is a unique creature; a cross between Gnomes and Goblins. They are not as dumb as Goblins are but not as skilled or intelligent as Gnomes. By the way you will also encounter Goblins in the game.
  8. Q. What is procedural generated content?
    A. Procedural content generation (PCG) is content that is generated based on variables we have programmed into the game. The processing of this content will be unique based on these variables. In short what it means for you is that the content will be unique each time it is generated ensuring that no two gameplay sequences or dungeons will be the same. This should make Gnoblins an infinitely replayable game.
  9. Q. Will the PCG approach of Gnoblins change?
    A. We will try and make PCG also affect the Gnoblins themselves but at this point we are unsure of what we can/will be able to do.


  1. What is perma-death ?
    Perma-death is a game feature, that when your character dies, you will no longer be able to continue playing this character.This is tightly coupled with the save game. The game automatically saves the game state, but you don’t have the option to save/load mulitple states of the game.
  2. So, one unlucky hit by a monster and it is game over ?
    Not at once. The game features several difficulty levels. In most modes you will have several lives. If you die, you will respawn until you run out of lives. In easy mode your lives will be reseted at certain stages of the game, in hard mode you will have a set number of lifes for the complete game and in rogue-like mode you will have only a single life.
  3. Do you really have perma-death in, and that in the year 2013, why ?
    Yes, once your character finally dies, it is game over. The reason is quite simple, you design and play a game with perma-death in a really different way as a game without this feature.


  1. Is this placeholder art ?
    Emm… no, sorry. The quality of the art might improve over time, but expect that the art style will not change dramatically.
  2. So, what art style is it ?
    It is a NPR style. NPR stands for non-photorealistic rendering. It contains elements of a cel-shader, utilizes outlines and handpainted textures. The detail level of textures, characters, and environment is low to support this style.
  3. The art style is ok, but the outlines give it such a toon look, can you please remove them ?
    You can choose yourself how much stylization you can bear, just go into the options menu an play around with the stylization settings. This way you can turn on/off the cel-shader look and outlines.


  1. What are the system requirements ?
    System requirements are not fully known yet, but Gnoblins should run on the following PC
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Memory: 1GB or more
  • CPU: 2 GHz or more
  • Video: ATI 3xxx or Nvidia 7xxx or Intel HD 4000


  • What is the current state of the game ?
    The game is in the alpha stage. An demo of the game will be/is released in February 2013.
  • What is the difference between alpha and beta stage ?
    A game in alpha stage is not feature complete, content is missing, have more bugs, the art is not as polished as it should be etc.
    A game in beta stage should be feature complete, but you still need to test and tweak the content and game-play.
  • What is your target price tag ?
    In is not decided at the moment, but I think that the final game will most likely settles down in the teens.
  • What about early access ?
    We evaluate the possibility to release it as alpha funding download on desura. You can then get the game and ongoing updates for a lower price tag.
  • Will there be a kickstarter campaign ?
    Kickstarter is currently not planned.
  • You seems to be not a native English speaker, right ?
    Yes, I’m not a native English speaker, but the in-game texts are revised by a native English speaker 🙂 .


Final thought

  1. Are these really frequently asked questions or have you invented them all yourself?
    Not all, but most 🙂