Gnoblins is a strategic, dungeon crawling, role-playing game with a heavy focus on managing a small community of minions whom you befriend to support you (the Gnoblins). With the support of your Gnoblins you will explore, develop and customize a dungeon. There is also crafting and RTS elements which consist primarily of you managing your Gnoblins and other companions who are loyal to you and will do as you command.
The game has been in development for four years now and we are proud to announce that in February of 2013 we reached the alpha stage and are ready to release a demo version of Gnoblins. We are making this early alpha version of Gnoblins available without cost to those who are interested in testing the current build of the game and who would be generous enough to assist us by giving us feedback during this critical phase in the development process.
Here is a list of (planned) features:
MinionsYou are not alone but you should not assume that every dungeon dweller is hostile. You can acquire a community of minions to help you fight off evil creatures, ward off starvation, or even to act as active companions as you brave the darkness.
Companion / Pet (not in the alpha demo): 
Take a minion of yours with you to explore the unknown. Not only Gnoblins, but other creatures will also be available and willing to follow you in the darkness and fight at your side.
Your home is your castle: 
You control a part of the dungeon world yourself. All minions that are loyal to you will live in your dungeon section. With the support of your minions you will be able to expand your realm. You can put your minions to work for you; have them help you by building new furnishings and tools, build traps to defend your part of the dungeon or play around with the crafting mechanics for fun. Your home dungeon will persist during the game, even when advancing into new unknown dungeons.
Share your dungeon (not in the alpha demo): 
You can share your dungeon with other players and even explore and integrate your friends’ dungeons into your own game experience.
There is no marketplace in Gnoblins but you will need many things to survive the dark tunnels of this dungeon world. Thankfully, with the help and aptitude of your Gnoblins, you will be able to craft new and useful technologies and tools to help you survive another day.
Randomized Dungeons (partially incorporated in the alpha demo): 
When you have mastered the existing dungeon, or if you fall victim to the dangers of the dungeon, you can start over again to experience a new randomized version of the dungeon so that every experience with Gnoblins will be different.
We aim to deliver a challenge to our audience. Perma-death is not for the faint of heart, but don’t despair for you will certainly not perish with the first blow, but be warned: Take the danger too lightly and your game will be over!
Naturally, for now content is limited, but our aim is to add more content even during the alpha phase. We hope to deliver a game experience that keeps you coming back for more and to do that we need your valuable feedback to truly make a game that appeals to our niche audience.
Currently we are completely self-funded and we are creating this world in our spare time, so please be patient while we organize the crafting of Gnoblins around the daily realities of careers, families and day-to-day responsibilities. What we hope to get out of this labor of love is a game that people will enjoy playing and that we will enjoy creating. So please, enjoy the demo, give us feedback, praise what is good, and be critical of what is not. Your feedback is important to us and will be carefully considered.
Thank you in advance for your support and enjoy the game!