Still alive :)

February 16, 2015 in Gnoblins

A long time since we last posted some information about Gnoblins, but eventually we are back with some great news.

First off, I will explain the reason behind the long period of silence. After we have released the first versions of Gnoblins, getting the first feedback of testers and gamers, it got clear, that the game was somewhat confusion , unfinished. Our attempt to create a hybrid game seemed to make it obviously very confusion for a lot of people.

For one we got the RTS gamers who didn’t get warm with the first person interface to get into the dungeon building aspect of Gnoblins. On the other hand many people ignored the dungeon building part at all, just seeding a feature poor first person RPG. This put us in a really frustrating dilemma. a gimmick, an additional feature, the first person mode just stole the show of the core concept of Gnoblins.

Afterwards we first tried to fix it, but this was a very daunting experience. Like pulling at both ends of a rope at the same time, supporting one feature results in some design issues at the other end of the game. We had to admit, that we tried to create two games in one which doesn’t seem to work very well. At this point we were really close to abandon the project at all.

But we put just too much passion in this project and after getting green-lit, we wanted to change the situation.

The only valid solution seemed a complete restart, going back to the core concept of Gnoblins, focus on this concept and start a massive re-factoring. This has been done behind closed doors, without any public information leaking out. The reason was simply, that we would like to present progress instead of talking about it all the time. We wanted a proof of concept first, a working foundation before presenting it to the public.

This time has come now. Here is the first glimpse a the completely reworked Gnoblins game. This time we focuses completely on the gnoblins and dungeon building aspect, cutting off the first person mode and the RPG player avatar. The game is presented in a more traditional bird-eye view, the dungeon building part is mostly integrated in the view. Thought the player avatar has been removed, some important features has been moved to the gnoblins instead. In example you are now able to take a handful of your minions to explore parts of the dungeon, fight reatures and find treasures.

Here’s a video of the current development version, have fun :)


Awesome news … we’ve been greenlit!

February 18, 2014 in Gnoblins

Soooo, … now what?

After we’ve done all of the boring paperwork we can start concentrating on the game. Quite a few parts of it are subject to change and we still need to figure out the exact roadmap for those things, but the team is highly motivated and ready to set sail.

We’ve already collected some ideas to improve the gameplay and the overall gaming experience. However, we are still open to new suggestions regarding the game. If you have something like that, don’t hesitate … let us know.

For those new to the game, head to the download-page and give it a ride.

Stay tuned for more…


Alpha Demo released

February 28, 2013 in Gnoblins

Today we are proud to announce the release of the alpha demo of Gnoblins. You can download it directly from our homepage over here or from IndieDB:

Edit: the old demo has been removed, check the news for an updated version.
Gnoblins is a 3d dungeon crawler game, a rogue-like in its heart,  with a lightweight RTS part. You need to save the world of Amunlak from an upcoming peril. You,  a former novice of the destroyed secret society of the guardians, found yourself in unknown underground world inhabited by the unimpressive appearing people, who call themselves the Gnoblins. But with the help of these people, you must find a way to save the world from its own greed and hate.

The demo features the  first underground world consisting of several levels which contain randomized parts. You are able to explore the underground world in first person perspective and to seek hidden treasures and secrets which might be helpful in your quest. Additionally the Gnoblins will lead you a helping hand, at least for a small obolus. With their help you will be able to craft better equipment and build your own dungeon to survive the dangers hidden in the darkness.

The game is still in the alpha stage, therefore expect some bugs and glitches and consider that most, but not all features have been  implemented yet (details). But if you like the game, please consider supporting us. Just mentioning our game on twitter, facebook or your blog would be really help to us. If you need some footage take a look at the screenshot section (including a small press-kit). Although vote for Gnoblins on Greenlight and on IndieDB. If you have some questions, take a look at our FAQ section or post your comments on either Greenlight, IndieDB .

Here’s a small trailer to the demo version:



New Trailer

February 17, 2013 in Gnoblins

Here’s the new trailer of the alpha demo version. Have fun and stay tuned !


The alpha demo is on its way !

February 11, 2013 in Gnoblins

We plan to release the alpha demo at 28.Feb., in the meantime I have updated the FAQs. Stay tuned !


Cell Shading TestCell Shading Test

February 8, 2013 in Gnoblins

Always looking to improve the non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) look of Gnoblins, here are two images showing off different rendering approaches, including two new cell shader. Currently the warp approach is in the game.

What do you think ?

Cell Test 1

Cell Test 2

Always looking to improve the non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) look of Gnoblins, here are two images showing off different rendering approaches, including two new cell shader. Currently the warp approach is in the game.

What do you think ?

Cell Test 1

Cell Test 2


Neues Ingame-VideoNew Ingame Video

September 26, 2012 in Gnoblins

Hier ist ein neues Video von der Alpha-Version 0.0.12.

Here is a new ingame video of the current alpha version 0.0.12.


Wartungsarbeiten [Update: läuft wieder]Maintainance [Update: runs again]

September 2, 2012 in Gnoblins

Update: läuft wieder

Aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten ist der Download momentan nicht möglich.Update: running again

Download is currently disabled due to maintenance.


Geschlossene Alpha Version und Steam GreenlightClosed Alpha and Steam Greenlight

August 30, 2012 in Gnoblins

Die geschlossene Alpha kommt gut voran. Dennoch benötigen wir noch etwas Seit bis die Version stabil genug für eine Veröffentlichung ist. In der Zwischenzeit nehmen wir am Steam Greenlight Projekt teil. Falls ihr also einen Steam Account besitzt und unser Spiel gut findet, dann stimmt doch für uns. Des weiteren könnt ihr natürlich unserer Steamgruppe Gnoblins beitreten.

Ansonsten habe ich 12 neue Screenshots aus der Alphaversion hinzugefügt und noch ein kleines Titelbildchen erstellt:

The closed alpha version is coming along nicely. But we will need some more time to stabilize it enough before releasing a public version. In the meantime we are participating at the Steam Greenlight Project. If you own a steam account and like our game, why not went over to steam and vote for us ;-) Further on you can join our new steam Gnoblins group.

Additionally I’ve uploading 12 new screenshots from the alpha version and created a new title screen:


Gnoblins Survival Guide Gnoblins Survival Guide

August 13, 2012 in Gnoblins

Die Gnoblins Survival Guide ist raus.

The Gnoblins Survival Guide is out.